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Learning is faster if the learners like what they do. They learn various skills if they are enthusiastic about them. They Change their attitude if the environment is conducive to change and growth. It has been our Endeavour to create such an environment that children imbibe different qualities. However, there are a number of distractions in the path of making “ready-t-learn children” that make our task a daunting one.

The Environment in our society is not favorable. In fact, it is unequivocally unfavorable. The young children come to know about vices such as dishonesty, falsehood rampant in society and get an impression that those who resort to these things. It is also difficult to develop firm faith, honesty or truth that prevails in society. Compare the time when we were students and the present time, it is as difficult to be a student as it is difficult to be a parent or a teacher.

Even then, we should continue to work with faith and hope in the basic goodness of human being anger, Selfishness, envy do play their role in putting ashes over the amber of divinity but our aim is to overcome these vices so that virtues can prevail and be manifested.